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An Offer From Maureen...


If you're serious about investing in your future and want to have a mini Business Growth Session, tell me more about your greatest needs and goals right now? Click on the button below to answer a brief questionaire about growing your business. Once a week, I will select five women for a complimentary session who I feel I can best support.

  My areas of business expertise include the following:




  • Entrepreneurial growth - Support women to clarify next-level success, growing small ventures to businesses grossing in the millions.


  • Corporate expansion and growth - Expand US and UK companies to mainland Europe, which involves growth and cultural inclusion strategies.


  • Corporate exit strategies leading to new business ventures for women - Support women to create exit strategies from companies, often resulting in them creating their own businesses.


  • Venture capital preparation - Prepare women for venture capital deal presentations, which includes business negotiation, presentation skills, and empowered voice.


  • Conflict resolution and relationship building - Work individually and with businesses through challenging relationship issues to build positive work environments. Work through conflict to create constructive, harmonious outcomes.


  • Legacy design for individuals and corporations - Provide support in creating legacies through business, personal projects, and community ventures that incorporate what you are most destined to contribute.

Highlights of my work with global women's leadership and empowerment:
  • Founder of The Essential Feminine Company - a leading-edge online empowerment company providing courses to over 40,000 women globally.


  • A founder of the Global Women’s Leadership Network, The Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley.


  • Designer of The Wells ™ and Global Innovation Dialogues™ at Santa Clara University –collaborative models for large group dialogues, now used worldwide.

To find out what others have to say about working with Maureen, click here.

Growing Your Business

in a way that is aligned with what is most important to you and what you do best:

Are You Ready to Get Started?

What needs to happen next in your business or your professional life right now for you to love your life and contribution? What needs to happen for you to be able to look back, say over a 12-month period, and feel inspired and exhilarated by what you've created and where you're going next in life?


I work with women from all over the world to support them to...


  • show up fully

  • know their worth

  • earn very well

  • love what they do

  • and know where they're going


Meeting each woman exactly where she is, I support her as a confidante, guide, and consultant to really get it right.


Are you ready? Invest in your future now.

How I Work


Our personal and professional lives are often fragmented, where there seems to be a disconnect between the actions we take at work each day and the secret longings of our hearts. This leaves too many women feeling dissatisfied and at a loss as to how to bridge the gap.


In working together, I will help you to recognize, acknowledge, and embrace ALL of you --- all you have done, lived, cared about, and have been inspired by --- so that you can harness your full life force as you step into the next exciting chapter of your life...and your work.


I use business as the entry point and the medium to help you create what really matters to you.


My approach includes --- but goes far beyond --- problem-solving and goal-setting. I create the space for you to stop and listen from within to discover what you really need on all levels. My work involves the heart, the mind, and the soul. I start from the premise that there is something deeper happening below the surface of your life -- and I will help you find that, bringing more satisfaction than you may have thought possible. I will focus on helping you to reach full self-expression and self-realization. When these are prioritized and enlivened in your life, professional and financial success is a given.

The Basic Structure


I maintain a boutique consultancy where I work with a handful of women over a 6 or 12-month contracted period. Anchored by 3 phone or Skype sessions per month, we work intensively together to get fast results.



Two Ways to Get Started Right Away


1. If you're interested in the potential of working over a 6 to 12 month period and would like to have a complimentary 30-minute Business Growth Session, click on the button below. Once a week, I will select five women who I feel I can best support.






2. If you are ready to jumpstart your business today, schedule a high-level Business Strategy Session. 1 hour / $600

(special introductory rate)







VIP Private Consulting Days


For those who desire concentrated work in a private setting, I occasionally consults for qualified clients through VIP private consulting days. It’s an entire day with me (and your team, if you desire), strategizing the next level of your business growth, looking at personal foundational issues needed for success, or addressing any challenges you may be experiencing.


VIP days are $5,000 and half-days are $3,000. Consultations are held in London, England, and Northern California. If I travel to your location, additional fees will apply.


I privately consults with several leaders in their fields worldwide to serve as their strategist, guide, and personal consultant.


To discuss your individual situation and begin the interview process, please contact us at


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