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Meet Maureen Simon

 International Visionary and Strategic Business Consultant

Work as a soulful practice ... Understanding work as a soulful practice leads to profound, real-world results. The integration of soul and spirit in business, which is one of Maureen's primary focuses, has already transformed the lives of women in over 30 countries. 


Maureen has found that when you line up your greatest gifts with your desire and ability to contribute - and then mix in what you love most in life - there is a good chance that from this recipe you will find that you work less, earn more, and accomplish great things.


She has based her life and work on this philosophy…


Maureen J. Simon is a master of change and transition, possessing an extraordinary ability to ignite women’s businesses and lives. The author of Awakening the Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power, Maureen is the founder of The Essential Feminine Company. An American and Irish citizen, Maureen blends more than 25 years of experience in international business consulting and community development, including serving to mediate political conflict in Ireland and Eastern Europe. As an acclaimed consultant, teacher, and speaker, conducting lectures, workshops, and retreats around the world, Maureen successfully guides women leaders to create exciting businesses and lives that reflect their deepest values.

Business Consulting Highlights
  • Through The Essential Feminine Company, Maureen's online women's empowerment organization, she has created courses and master mind groups serving over 40,000 women.


  • Maureen has worked with thousands of women to conceive, design, and create highly successful businesses in the areas of technology, consulting, worldwide entertainment, government, media, real estate, law, the beauty industry, and the musical and creative arts.



  • Clients include entrepreneurs, Fortune 100 corporations, and executives with companies such as Google, Hewlett Packard, Dell, BBC, British Vogue, Merck, Brightlife, Solaria, Hayworth, Mary Kay, Cisco, and Cala Records.



  • Served as VP of Marketing, Cala Records, London/New York-based classical record company.



  • As part of a team of six people, launched individual coaching as a profession in Europe.



  • Lives internationally and provides consulting services to women in over 30 countries, offering a high level of sensitivity to cultural diversity.


Specialized areas of business expertise


  • Entrepreneurial growth - Supports women to clarify next-level success, growing small ventures to businesses grossing in the millions.


  • Corporate expansion and growth - Expands US and UK companies to mainland Europe, which involves growth and cultural inclusion strategies.


  • Corporate exit strategies leading to new business ventures for women - Supports women to create exit strategies from companies, often resulting in them creating their own businesses.


  • Venture capital preparation - Prepares women for venture capital deal presentations, which includes business negotiation, presentation skills, and empowered voice.


  • Conflict resolution and relationship building - Works individually and with businesses through challenging relationship issues to build positive work environments. Works through conflict to create constructive, harmonious outcomes.


  • Legacy design for individuals and corporations - Provides support in creating legacies through business, personal projects, and community ventures that incorporate what you are most destined to contribute.

The experience Maureen brings to the table
  • Founder of The Essential Feminine Company - a leading-edge online empowerment company providing courses to over 40,000 women globally.


  • A founder of the Global Women’s Leadership Network, The Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley.


  • Designer of The Wells ™ and Global Innovation Dialogues™ at Santa Clara University –collaborative models for large group dialogues, now used worldwide.


  • As a team member in collaboration with the London School of Economics International Relations and the City of Belfast, Maureen mediated conflict in Belfast, Ireland and Moldova, Eastern Europe.


  • Served as an advisor to the board of Cooperation Ireland – a key nonprofit organization that bridged differences in Northern and Southern Ireland during the troubles.


  • Former Licensed Lobbyist for the New York State Legislature, advocating for over $1 million for model programs in low- and moderate-income housing.


  • Developed over $1.5 million dollars in private and commercial real estate for economic development projects and became a liscensed realtor in New York.


  • Served as Executive Director for Mohawk Hudson Community Foundation - a foundation based in New York State - as they increased the endowment funds by three-fold. The foundation has provided millions of dollars to nonprofit organizations over the past 25 years.


  • Campaign Organizer for New York Assemblyman Paul Tonko – now Congressman Paul Tonko.

  • Established preschool facilities in inner city and rural communities for Head Start, serving over 1,000 children in the state of New York. And served as an adviser to Cornell University’s Early Childhood Education Program and supported their research on the topic of parent involvement in the Head Start Program.


  • Established programs in London for the Rensselaerville Institute, a New York-based social policy think-tank.


  • Co-designed a rural upstate New York needs assessment --- a project co-sponsored by the Rensselaerville Institute and Center for Disease Control (CDC) --- to determine and measure health and lifestyle concerns. Held community forums and designed classes attended by over 1,000 residents.


  • Co-designed The Center for Environmental Options and its signature event, “The Community Self-Reliance Festival” - a large-scale community festival in New York that attracted over 2,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors. The festival was the first of its kind to provide a wide-range of how-to and general information in the areas of alternative heath, energy, education, and nutrition.





Maureen’s work has been featured internationally in British Vogue, Marie Claire, Self, Red, The Financial Times, Fasttrack, Good Housekeeping, Women & Home, Psychologies, and Northwest. In the San Francisco Bay Area, she has been featured in The Marin Independent Journal and Bay Area Business Woman. Maureen appears as a regular guest for the London Broadcasting Corporation as well as numerous other radio engagements in both the U.S. and England.





Maureen graduated from New York State University with a Bachelors degree in Human Services and Community Organization. She has also studied public policy at the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, New York State University.




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