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Creating What’s Next: A Private Mums Group

For Mums who are ready to create what's next in business or professionally.





Is it time for a change? Are you ready to realise your vision and start that business venture or return to work with renewed focus?


  • Are you interested in living with more clarity and intention? 

  • Do you want to look at possibilities for what is next for you in business and life?

  • Is there a business venture or project that you want to explore or get started?

  • Do you need support?


What we will cover:


The group will be custom designed to help you plan the next steps in creating or growing a business or embarking on the next steps in your career? Having worked with many moms returning to work and having raised a daughter, I know that support is essential- when the time has come for women, to reconnect and redesign our own personal lives and dreams. It is my intention that you create your 'what’s next amongst a group with shared intentions and with my personal highly experienced guidance.



The group is specifically designed to provide:



  • Clarification of needs and goals for what is next and what is possible for you—we will include personal ambitions, dreams and visions for the future and create the pathway for you to go out and create what’s next in your career or in a business you choose

  • an opportunity to identify and clear blocks and hindrances to achieving your needs and goals. The group and your personal work 1:1 with me – will give you clarity and confidence to take the next steps 

  • a clear pathway to what the next steps are using my custom designed tool- The Pathway which identifies –your business/career vision- and clear next steps to support you in manifesting this vision


In our time together-


  • Your group will meet in person -1 x a month in Dublin- 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. March 14th, Mar 28th, and April 11th

  • Each month you will have a one-hour private call with me focusing on your own specific needs to move forward (3 private calls each)


Creating What’s Next: A Private Mums Group- your opportunity to create what's next!!!

  • Each month a group call will be available where we will all come together and check in. These calls are great for group support (helping you to follow through) and are optional.

  • We will have a final group summary call on May 23rd at 7:00 p.m.



Personal investment with 3 payment options:


 For all four months inclusive-

  1. One payment discount -€1200 total- If paid in full. This is a one payment discount available to early bookings by February 21~



   2. If paid in full after February 28th – on one full payment- €1400.00


   3. Three-month direct debit payment plan- €1500 per person –

        €500 per month for three months – (first payment -by February 21st- additional 2 payments due March 21 and April 21).



Contact me to secure a place- the group is filling-



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