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In case you like it, this font is the one called Raleway. And this size is 22 px. I'm adding this info because sometimes when you click into these text boxes, what shows up in the toolbox is the default font style and size rather than what you've changed it to.


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Maureen, here is your spot for a great headline

White is the most visible and vibrant font color on this backdrop 

Purple and black are other possibilities but not as vibrant up here 

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We need inner reflection now more than ever before, or we will keep creating the same way of living, and the same way of being. There is much more available to us! (or another simple call to action or motivation phrase)

What people are saying about Maureen's work...

"Maureen has an incredible talent for inspiring, motivating, supporting, teaching and challenging women from all over the world in ways that enable them to propel their business to unimaginable NEW levels of success and growth."


-Robert G. Allen, bestselling author, The One Minute Millionaire, Multiple Streams of Income

"As former national director of conference programming for WholeLife Expos, I have been privileged to work with some of the great transformational leaders of our time – and rarely have I met someone like Maureen Simon. With exquisite grace, she rapidly catalyzes positive change…moving people out of procrastination and into their power more quickly and elegantly than anyone I have ever known.


Underlying Maureen's effectiveness as a strategic business consultant is a profound spiritual depth. For women who want the best of all worlds --- who want success professionally, financially, and personally --- Maureen is the one to hire."



-Debra Evans, author, editor, and book development consultant



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