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A small group is forming in the next 2 weeks. Save your seat to join us as we begin the journey Tuesday April 28th

  • Are you ready to live your highest and best version of you?

  • Are you clear about your most important life priorities right now?

  • Are you making conscious choices about how you live your precious life?

  • Are you having impact on your world?


Join Me To Clarify and Activate:


Your Highest Vision of Your Life

Your Most Important Life Priorities and 

Your Precious Life Force


Over the past year, I have been on a journey to fully activate my life force, gifts and energy so I can live from a place of more joy, peace and meaning. I can now say I have come far in my journey and I would like to invite you to join me as I support a small group of women to do the same. The activation process involves a commitment to live your life fully and to wake up each day knowing you are on the right path and feeling excited about what the day holds.


I will guide you to rekindle your connection to spirit and honor yourself by taking time for reflection and wonder. 

This Course is for you if you:

  • feel you are moving too fast and need to slow down and reset your life

  • are in a rut and want to bring “the new “into your life this Spring

  • are ready to commit to full living now and want support


As a guide and consultant to women worldwide, I have put together a powerful experience, an ignition of these gifts, and invite you to join me with a small inner circle of women starting on April 28th. This three month Soulful Living Teleseminar Retreat is a necessary container for profoundly reconnecting with yourself and your inner life and will focus you clearly on what’s next and exactly how you will manifest your priorities into life purpose impact.


A few examples of the profound impact women have experienced include:

  • The gift of knowing specifically what they now want to attract into their life

  • A traction based  on actionable clear vision  and intention for what’s next

  • Renewed, ignited  and energized Life Force

  • A daily customized ritual to  root new change

  • A practice to help to connect more deeply—spiritually ( Custom designed)

  • Knowing how to choose happiness and ease daily

  • The ability to transform past experiences to updated usable power that  provides invaluable information and leads to inner knowing and inner wisdom

  • Higher levels of consciousness – manifesting daily as you make aligned choices that are based on  your deepest beliefs

  • Overall far more joy in life


The retreat will inspire you to no longer settle for less. Soulful Living will give you an opportunity to take time, reflect, and move consciously into the next phase of the year.  Being held during the Spring Equinox, there is an inflow of dynamic energy on the planet to support the changes you desire. The time is right for change!



In a small group setting together we will:

…enjoy a supportive environment devoted to spiritual connection and the renewal of your feminine soul as the greatest source for manifestation.




















You will be sparked and guided by my experience as a strategic business consultant and with my deep commitment to reconnect women to their intuitive and spiritual nature. I will serve as your catalyst helping you to make the changes you now want most to make. I will also incorporate guidance from my intuition and my seership gifts along with knowledge based on my Celtic Wisdom practice to support and guide you to live from your highest self.

In the 3 months we are together I will support you to:

  • evaluate specific areas of your life where change will help you to fulfill your truest desires working from your inner depth and inner knowing

  • create exciting daily practices to support your changes

  • develop your intuition and align with your Wise Self as you gain confidence to make change

  • feel refreshed, invigorated and excited with your life … as you create a new map for taking the new found energy with you into the rest of the year and beyond.

When we stop to listen to the whispers of our soul, what we want and where we’re going becomes crystal clear.  Our feminine power is unleashed by taking the first step.


This Virtual Retreat will be held in teleseminar format and includes:

  • My unique support and guidance in  business and life matters through

  • My facilitation  of all calls personally for the 1¼ hour - group sessions three times a month for three months

  • Handouts for weekly life course work to move you to a clearer more powerful place in your life and work

  • A follow up call with me and the group in August to check in, regroup and support to empower you to go forward – deeper.

Slowing down to feel what moves your deepest heart will nourishes every relationship, project, priority, goal, and endeavor in your life.






Investment in YOU:

Three installments of $750.00
or One payment of $1700.00

Robert G. Allen

"Maureen has an incredible talent for inspiring, motivating, supporting, teaching and challenging women from all over the world in ways that enable them to propel their business to unimaginable NEW levels of success and growth."


-Robert G. Allen, bestselling author, The One Minute Millionaire, Multiple Streams of Income

"Working with Maureen Simon is transformative. She has the ability to address energy blocks in a manner that helps me to be pro-active with my growth. My work with Maureen has created growth in my business in ways that are in alignment with my personal philosophy yet the results are also numbers driven. She has the ability to see the big picture yet also point out critical details. I feel more confident in knowing how to achieve resolution and manifestation in all areas relating to my Life Mission, weaving together the business, personal, and spiritual. I feel like I am able to be my best self and produce work that reflects this integrity."


- Yosh Han, founder and director of YOSH olfactory sense

Yosh Han

A Profound Online Retreat to Activate Your Life-Force NOW!

Soulful Living

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