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The Opportunity:

A strategy and planning session with author and international consultant Maureen Simon that could change the course of your business and life in 2015 and well beyond. 


This session could be just what you need to get you clear on how to earn 6-figures now. If you are already a 6-figure woman, going to 7 or 8 may be the next step for you. Maureen will show you the scalable, repeatable steps to creating the prosperity and success you were designed for.






The Potential:

We're calling it Your 6-Figure Session because Maureen will help you to see exactly what you can do over the next 12 months to sky-rocket your income while simultaneously tending to the deepest needs of your heart and soul. It can be a year you will remember for the rest of your life.



Proven Success on a Global Level:

With experience ranging from mediating conflict in Northern Ireland to strategizing new paths to success with women entrepreneurs and executives in companies like Google and Hewlett Packard, there is no challenge or obstacle that Maureen Simon can't help you move beyond with power and grace.   



The Take-Aways:

Maureen will guide you to...


  • Create a clear vision for what's next for the next 12 months.


  • Identify the high-level opportunities in front of you to be explored.


  • Begin right away to eliminate blocks, even those you may have dealt with for years.


  • Put your highest potential and gifts out into the world - and get inspired about this next chapter of your life.



The Cost:


Maureen normally charges $600 for a 6-Figure Session, but for a limited time she will be charging $299. She is eager to  speak with and ready to support  women who are ready to make real changes in their life starting now.

Robert G. Allen

"Maureen has an incredible talent for inspiring, motivating, supporting, teaching and challenging women from all over the world in ways that enable them to propel their business to unimaginable NEW levels of success and growth."


- Robert G. Allen, bestselling author, The One Minute Millionaire, Multiple Streams of Income

"Working with Maureen Simon is transformative. She has the ability to address energy blocks in a manner that helps me to be pro-active with my growth. My work with Maureen has created growth in my business in ways that are in alignment with my personal philosophy yet the results are also numbers driven. She has the ability to see the big picture yet also point out critical details. I feel more confident in knowing how to achieve resolution and manifestation in all areas relating to my Life Mission, weaving together the business, personal, and spiritual. I feel like I am able to be my best self and produce work that reflects this integrity."


- Yosh Han, founder and director of YOSH olfactory sense

Yosh Han

This is YOUR year for financial breakthroughs and professional advancement ...


all you need is the support of one of the most effective consultants in the world today.



Maureen J. Simon is a master of change and transition, possessing an extraordinary ability to ignite women’s businesses and lives. The author of Awakening the Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power, Maureen is the founder of The Essential Feminine Company.


An American and Irish citizen, Maureen blends more than 25 years of experience in international business consulting and community development, including serving to mediate political conflict in Ireland and Eastern Europe.


As an acclaimed consultant, teacher, and speaker, conducting lectures, workshops, and retreats around the world, Maureen successfully guides women leaders to create exciting businesses and lives that reflect their deepest values.

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