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Awaken To Your True Professional Soul Calling.

Your life is waiting.

Make the change you are here to make.  


Times are changing fast...people are waking up and 

beginning to prioritize how they choose to live

their lives.  Making a difference and living with 

meaning are top priorities. 

Does this relate to you?

If so, are you ready? I can help.

Leave your details below and I will be in touch.







There is an alchemy that happens when you combine a clear vision that reflects your deepest values with a laser-focused business strategy.  


The proof is in the results . . .  

  • Maureen supported the CEO of a UK training company who was originally grossing £50,000 in sales to reaching over £1 million within a year.


  • She worked with an entrepreneur to leave a major design company, create her own firm, and go on to negotiate a $2 million buyout from a Fortune 500 company.


  • Maureen has been instrumental in the start-up and creation of numerous Irish women-owned businesses.


  • Maureen worked with the founder of an international solar start-up to bring in $5 million in venture capital and create a company culture that encourages innovation and creative freedom.


  • She guided a senior-level executive from an international pharmaceutical company in the process of designing an exit strategy and creating a boutique consulting business that yielded $100,000 in income within 6 months. Her client's firm specializes in business restructuring and transformational consulting.


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